SL’s 1st Annual Sand & Sea Expo is Coming!

sand and sea expo

Welcome to Second Life’s First Annual Sand and Sea Expo! Celebrate the Sun, Surf and Summer with this FOUR DAY Expo, Thursday May 2 through Sunday May 5!

Sponsored by Oceania Breedables and coordinated by Nephelle Lanate & Cortez Brandriss (coordinators of the Breedables Fright Night Expo, the 2012 RFL Christmas Expo, and the 2013 Breedables Fair at the RFL Home and Garden Expo), the Sand & Sea Expo will feature products from all corners of water-loving SL: Surfing, Scuba, Mer, Sailing, Beachwear and more!

Located in a half land/half sea setting, vendors will be able to choose from either beach or underwater areas for their displays! Participation is by invitation only, and SPACE IS LIMITED! If you have received an invite to this event, don’t wait to secure your spot! CLICK HERE to register and join us for the perfect kick-off to summer!


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